Tampa Bay Rays: Grading Each Player's First Half

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Final Grade: B+

The Tampa Bay Rays have pitched well this season, as they have during this now-lengthy window of contention. That has come with an overall disappointing (and quite injured) lineup, but despite all of the health issues, they still sit 10 games over .500 and are currently the best team in the AL that isn't leading their division. With the context of this season taken into account, that's pretty good.

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They have shown resilience and enough fight to stick around up until this point, and their depth will be tested further. However, Jeffrey Springs and Jalen Beeks should return to the pitching staff after the all-star break, and Brandon Lowe has rejoined the lineup. Reinforcements are coming, possibly via trade as the Rays have put themselves in a position to be buyers again at the deadline.

Many Rays fans probably did not expect that they'd win the division in 2022; in fact, being in a top wild card spot by the all-star break was essentially what many people were predicting. It becomes more impressive, however, that this is when considering the adversity they have faced. While they might not make a deep run into the postseason, they have proved even further that they should stick around in the playoff race until the very end, regardless of where they end up.