Tampa Bay Rays: Recap on International Signing Day

Division Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox - Game Four
Division Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox - Game Four / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

In case you missed it, yesterday was the first day that teams could begin international free agents. For those who are unaware of the process, starting January 15th, a team can sign an international player who is 16 as long as they turning 17 by September 1st of the same year. One familiar name that was signed as international free agent is SS Wander Franco back in 2017 where he signed for $3.85 million.

Each team has a bonus pool of money that they are allotted to use on free agents and this money is determined by market size. The Tampa Bay Rays have a total of $5,721,200 this year to use on young talent according to MLB's Jesse Sanchez. Let us take a look at who the Tampa Bay Rays have signed on opening day.

Where do the Tampa Bay Rays international signings come from?

According to the Rays Player Development twitter, here is an updated list of where the international free agents that have signed are from.

1. Dominican Republic

The following players have signed from the Dominican Republic:

Nicandro Aybar (SS)

Jose Lazaro Contreras (OF)

Felix Cotes (SS)

Yeison Garcia (LHP)

Cristhofer Gonzalez (RHP)

Danny Hilario (RHP)

Ismael Laureano (RHP)

Angel Mateo (OF)

Jordan Oliver (CF)

Juanfel Peguero (SS)

Narciso Polanco (IF)

Geudis Ramos (LHP)

Roosbert Tapia (SS)

Jesus Ullola (LHP)

Neifi Vasquez (OF)

2. Venezuela

The following players have signed from Venezuela

Enderson Delgado (C)

Alvaro Gamez (LHP)

Ricardo Gonzalez (SS)

Maikel Hernandez (RHP)

Anthony Manriquez (RHP)

Larry Martinez (C)

Moises Palma (RHP)

Johnny Perez (C)

Yorman Primera (RHP)

Rodrigo Romero (SS)

Jose Sanabria (OF)

None of the international free agents have signed for over $300,000 and look for the Rays to continue to make more signings as time goes on. Also be on the lookout for breakdowns on other international free agents the Rays have signed in the past.