Taylor Walls Reacts to Jeff Passan's Hall of Fame Piece

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At 3 PM today, the inductees to Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame will be announced. There has been controversy swirling around this years ballot and former performance enhancing drug users on the ballot. Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens are all on their final year of the ballot, and although their stats may say otherwise, it looks as though they are all in danger of potentially missing out on the Hall of Fame.

ESPN's Jeff Pasan provided an article this morning stating his thoughts on what it would mean for baseball if Barry Bonds was no elected in his final year.

""If indeed that is the Hall's mission, today is nothing less than an abject failure. Barry Bonds, arguably the greatest hitter in baseball history, inarguably worthy of induction, will almost certainly not reach the 75% threshold in his final year""

Jeff Pasan

Whether or not one believes that players who tested positive for PEDs should be allowed into the Hall of Fame is up to each voter's discretion. The one side says there are already players in the Hall of Fame who have proven to use PEDs and that the history of baseball should not erased. The other side says it is unfair to the players who did not take any drugs to help them perform at the levels that they did. Tampa Bay Rays shortstop, Taylor Walls had something to say on the issue.

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Taylor Walls sounds off on his thoughts about Barry Bonds and the Hall of Fame

Walls shares the same opinion that many fans share in that if a player cheats, he should not have his name forever enshrined in baseball history. The problem with this thought process is that it means baseball would have to go back through the history of the Hall of Fame and remove everyone who had wrong doings off the field. Years of history that tells the story of baseball would be erased from future memory because of things that happened outside the lines.

Whether right or wrong, a line needs to be drawn for voters to have a better idea of what they are voting on. If voting is solely done on stats, then that must be made clear and if character is being judged as well, the necessary changes must be made to the previous inductees to make sure the message aligns from the beginning of the Hall to the end.