Tampa Bay Rays: The Biggest Contracts the Past 12 Years

Tampa Bay Rays v Detroit Tigers
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Without a salary cap, baseball contracts have no limit on the way they can be structured. We have seen everything from players making less than a million dollars a year until they turn 35 to players signing deals that will guarantee them close to half a billion dollars by the time they turn 40. Some teams are crafty in the way they structure contracts (i.e Byron Buxton's new extension with the Minnesota Twins) and other teams give out big money without any trade clauses (i.e Bryce Harper's contract).

The Biggest Contracts in Tampa Bay Rays History

The Tampa Bay Rays are known around the league as the team who does not hand out big contracts often. Instead of keeping a player for a majority of their career, the Rays like to sell high on players and receive youthful prospects that will help in the future. Let us take a look back at the 12 biggest contracts the Rays have given out the past 12 years.