The five moments that made Randy Arozarena a superstar

Randy Arozarena is now a bonafide superstar, so how did he reach that status?
World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers  - Game Six
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2. The World Baseball Classic

The moment the 2023 World Baseball Classic ended, fans of the sport knew it would go down as an instant classic. In years from now, many will remember it as one of the great sporting spectacles of the 2020s. While yes, the first image that will likely pop into the minds of many when reminded of the WBC is Ohtani striking out Trout, Arozarena’s run for Team Mexico would probably be the second most iconic aspect of the tournament.

Randy Arozarena’s journey from Cuban defector to Mexican icon has been well documented, as he reportedly became a citizen in order to represent his new country in the tournament. Arozarena absolutely mashed during the WBC, hitting .450 with an absurd 1.507 OPS. In the field, Arozarena was living his best life, rotating between signing fans’ gloves and making some of the greatest catches you will see.

Randy Arozarena brought a country of baseball fans together to root for him. While Mexico is not his country of origin, his heroism representing the nation will forever make it his home.