Yandy Diaz's power has been on full display for Rays this season

Yandy Diaz has always been a good hitter in Tampa Bay. This season, he has started to add some pop and power to his swing.
Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers
Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

If you have watched the career of Yandy Diaz, you know he has always been a good presence at the plate. With the Tampa Bay Rays, he has amassed an on-base percentage of .380 and an OPS of .817. He also is a near .300 hitter in five seasons now with Tampa Bay.

However, something has been different with Diaz's game in 2023: he has more power in his bat.

The main stat to look at is the home run totals. In Diaz's previous four seasons with the Rays, the highest home run amount he was able to get to was 14. This season, he has gotten to 15 and it is only August. His slugging percentage is also the highest it has ever been as it now sits at .509.

Diaz also has racked up 21 doubles this season which is already the second most he has had in all seven seasons he has been in the league.

The hard-hit percentage and average velocity for Diaz are among baseball's best as well. The hard hit rate sits in baseball's 96th percentile and the velocity average sits in the 98th percentile. Both of these categories are up from last season.

Despite all of this, Diaz still has held up his typical reputation of being a patient hitter at the plate. He has a relatively low chase rate that is in MLB's 88th percentile. His walk rate is also very respectable in major league baseball's 83rd percentile. He also has a low strikeout and whiff rates among players in the league.

The new power from Diaz combined with his traditional reputation of patience at the plate has led him to have a successful season. Thus, it has also helped Tampa Bay. I may have also helped the Cuban native get to the first All-Star game of his career.