Rays Trade Rumors: Dodgers Interested in Longoria


As the trade deadline quickly approaches, the face of the Tampa Bay Rays  franchise could be headed to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For the better part of the past two weeks, the rumors have been flying about the Tampa Bay Rays and the possible destinations of the starting pitching that they are likely to trade in lieu because of their current state of affairs.

The hottest of hot rumors hit every conceivable air wave possible when reports surfaced that the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays are in trade talks and although no concrete name was given, there is much conjecture that they could involve Evan Longoria.

While it would be very hard to see the Tampa Bay Rays trading away Longoria who is probably the one and only player that the fans come to see, would be a devastating move by the franchise at this time.

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It’s a given and known fact that over the years the Tampa Bay Rays have made some blockbuster trades.

So much so that Evan Longoria is the lone player that remains from their American League Championship team of 2008 that advanced to the World Series.

The majority of those trades were done with players who were about to reach free agency status or those with contracts whose salaries that would no longer be affordable.

Prior to last Friday night’s game against Baltimore, Tampa Bay Rays President of operations Matt Silverman addressed the media and refused to classify the Rays as “sellers” as the trade deadline approaches despite the teams’ record.

“We know where we are in the standings,” Silverman said. “We’ve dug ourselves a big hole. So, at the same time, we have confidence in this club. Whether we are active in the trading market or not is going to be determined by the market, by conversations, by our record.”

Silverman doesn’t have to make a trade at this time, but if the right deal would come, you can bet your next paycheck a trade will happen.

According to Cot’s Baseball Contracts, the Tampa Bay Rays will owe Longoria over $100 million beginning in 2017 based on the contract extension he signed in 2012 and therefore remains under team control through 2023.

Another factor to take into consideration is that in the spring of 2018, Longoria becomes a 10-and-5 player, which would then give him the right to veto any trade.

While Longoria is having a good season it’s obvious that his .286 average with his 21 home runs and 49 RBIs have created such rumor buzz.

Right now, with his current stats, his value is high and in return it would garner the Tampa Bay Rays the assets that Silverman would want.

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Yes, the Dodgers have the money to spend, they have the assets and they are aware of Longoria’s contract, his abilities and what he could do for their team – thanks to their President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman.

Friedman was the Tampa Bay Rays general manager when the team selected him with the third overall pick in the 2006 MLB Draft.

He is also very aware of Longoria’s contract as he’s the one that signed him to the Rays team-friendly extension.

Knowing that Longoria is under control through 2023 makes this trade for the Dodgers very inviting. At the same time, besides having the money to spend they have the prospects and or major league ready players to offer.

However, Silverman is not one to make mid-season trades, especially a blockbuster that this would be.

If the opportunity arises during the offseason to consummate a deal involving Longoria, I would expect Silverman to certainly entertain each and every offer.

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On the flip side, I would also expect the fans to start a “Fire Silverman” campaign and if I were in Silverman’s shoes I would not want to be remembered as the GM that traded Evan Longoria.