Logan Morrison Rips Decision to Put Gary Sanchez in Home Run Derby

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JUNE 23: Logan Morrison
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JUNE 23: Logan Morrison /

Despite having the second most homers in the American League, Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Logan Morrison will not be in the Home Run Derby. He is not happy about that decision.

The Home Run Derby is one of the fun events during the All Star Break. It is a time for the top home run hitters in the game to shine, captivating the audience with tape measure home runs and impressive power displays. It is a place that one would have expected to find Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Logan Morrison this year, especially as he ranks second in the American League with 24 homers.

Instead, like the rest of us, Morrison will be watching the exhibition from the sideline. However, in looking at the roster, he is not pleased about this decision, especially as he feels his spot in the Derby went to catcher Gary Sanchez.

That is not to say that Sanchez is not having a solid year. The young Yankees catcher has produced an excellent .294/.380/.531 batting line, hitting 13 homers. However, those 13 homers are tied for 38th in the American League. And yes, Sanchez missed a month and a half this season due to injury, so that total is a bit misleading.

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Morrison, meanwhile, is tied for second, along with Mike Moustakas and George Springer. Moustakas will be a part of the Derby, the first player on the Royals to ever take part, while Springer declared that he just is not interested in the event. Meanwhile, Morrison did not even get a chance to be a part of the derby.

It is also a missed opportunity for the Rays when it comes to the Final Vote. Marlins first baseman Justin Boar, who the Rays are teaming with in an attempt to get both first basemen into the game, is a participant in the Home Run Derby himself. It would have been a perfect marketing ploy to attempt to get Morrison and Boar into the actual game.

In regards to Sanchez, it is easy to understand what Major League Baseball is thinking. This is a chance to market a young player, especially one who happens to be the catcher of the famous Yankees. It is a time to shine the spotlight on that new talent.

Yet, in doing so, they are ignoring a player who deserves to be a part of the contest. Morrison’s power production simply dwarfs what Sanchez has done this year. While we can extrapolate what he would have done if healthy, that is not a reason to keep out one of the more deserving players.

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Logan Morrison is upset that he is not a part of the Home Run Derby. Given his production this year, the Tampa Bay Rays first baseman has every right to feel that way.