We asked AI to compare 5 Tampa Bay Rays to Taylor Swift songs (it's pretty accurate)

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Arlington, TX
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Arlington, TX / Omar Vega/TAS23/GettyImages

The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Red Sox 9-3 Thursday afternoon to extend their winning streak to 13-0 to open the season, matching a modern MLB record shared with the Braves and Brewers.

Taylor Swift is playing at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa this weekend, beginning on Thursday night.

These are two facts not missed by the social media person behind the Tamp Bay Rays account.

Given that, we decided to ask the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT to give us suggestions of Rays players (as well as manager Kevin Cash) as Taylor Swift songs. Keep in mind one big caveat: The AI program only goes as recent as 2021. So we have to take a few of its suggestions out, and a few key players from this season's team will be missing.

But why should that stop the fun? Below, between the horizontal lines, you will find ChatGPT's opinion.

AI compares Tampa Bay Rays players to Taylor Swift songs

Randy Arozarena - "Shake It Off"

Randy Arozarena burst onto the scene in the 2020 playoffs, hitting 10 home runs and carrying the Rays all the way to the World Series. He's a fearless player who never backs down from a challenge, much like Taylor Swift in her hit song "Shake It Off." Arozarena's ability to shake off the pressure and perform when it matters most makes him a valuable asset to the Rays.

Brandon Lowe - "Love Story"

Brandon Lowe is a fan-favorite who always seems to come through in the clutch. He's a versatile player who can play multiple positions and hit for power. His versatility and reliability make him the perfect comparison to Taylor Swift's "Love Story." The song is a timeless classic that fans always come back to, just like Lowe's consistent performance on the field.

Tyler Glasnow - "Blank Space"

Tyler Glasnow is one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball when he's on his game. His long limbs and deceptive delivery can leave batters feeling like they're in a "Blank Space," with no idea what's coming next. Much like Swift's hit song, Glasnow has the ability to surprise and captivate us with his performance.

Manuel Margot - "I Knew You Were Trouble"

Manuel Margot is a fast and agile outfielder, just like Taylor's song "I Knew You Were Trouble." He's a game-changer, always causing trouble for the opposing team with his speed and skill.

Manager Kevin Cash - "You Belong With Me"

Firstly, let's start with Taylor Swift's song "You Belong With Me." In the song, Swift sings about a girl who has a crush on a boy, but he is dating someone else who doesn't appreciate him like she does. Similarly, Kevin Cash has been known for seeing the potential in players who might have been overlooked by other teams. He has taken players who were struggling in their roles and turned them into valuable contributors to the Rays' success. In a way, Cash saw the potential in these players that other managers may not have seen, and he worked to bring out their best qualities.

How do you think the AI did? Have any picks of your own that are even better?